Polymide Cable

Construction : Polymide Insulated Cable manufactured by Revti Electronics Industries is used as an insulation over the copper conductor. The film is either lapped with 50% to 55% or with 65% to 70% overlap.The type of film used for the manufacture of the conductor consists of 25 micron thick Polymide film with 12 microns of … Read more

PTFE Insulated Sleeves

We offer widely appreciated PTFE Insulated Sleeves at industry leading prices. Our insulated sleeves are strong and suitable for underground and open air connections as well. They are resistant to fire, chemicals, sunlight and moisture. These sleeves are made available in different colors and customized dimensions. We assure safe and timely delivery of Teflon insulated … Read more

PTFE Cables

REVTI Electronics Industries extensive line of multi-core and multi-pair screened and Jacketed PTFE insulated cables and Teflon insulated cable are engineered to meet demanding performance requirements for a variety of applications.title=”PTFE Cables manufacturer” PTFE insulated multicore cables includes products optimized for high flex life, extreme temperature and chemical environments, demanding electrical performance, high reliability, as … Read more

Hookup Wires

We offer Single Core Wires to our clients. It is made of premium quality copper procured from reliable vendors. These wires are resistant to fungus, mould, extreme temperatures and chemicals. Our products are highly appreciated for their mechanical strength, flexibility and Eco-friendliness. We offer these with user defined specifications and at industry leading prices. Advantages: … Read more

Coaxial Cable

PTFE is known to be the best dielectric for RF (Radio frequency) coaxial cables. The essential function of coaxial cables is to transmit high frequency energy and signals with low loss, with reflection less matching and without Phase and Amplitude distortion. The problem in high-energy transmission is the losses because of i) cable dielectric, ii) … Read more

Fibreglass Sleeves

We offer a complete solution to the insulating requirements with silicone rubber coated fiber glass sleeves (180 c) & PU COATED (155 C) SLEEVES. Ideal for lead insulation and electrical insulation close to high temperatures like engine compartment, appliances etc, and our products can endure high amount of heat and temperature. The sleeves are available … Read more

Insulation Hoses

The manufacture of coated and impregnated insulating hoses for thermal, electrical and mechanical protection has a long tradition at our company. We meet the high quality requirements because our production and quality assurance system are based on the guidelines of DIN ISO 9001. In the automotive sector, it is taken for granted that we have … Read more

Fiberglass Cables

We REVTI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES are in the field of manufacturing heat resistance Fiber Glass Cables since 1986. We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the biggest manufacturers of Fiber Glass Wires in north India. RANGE :- • Fiber Glass Wires (F Class) • Fiber Glass Sleeves (F & I-I Class) • L T … Read more

Trailing Rubber Composite Cable

We are manufacturing a wide range of trailing composite rubber cables that has been manufactured with high quality raw material. We use quality elastomer materials such as Polypropylene, Chloro-Sulphoneted Polyethylene (CSP), Nitirile Rubber/ PVC blends, Ethylene Polypropylene Rubber (EPR), Ehtylene Vinyle Acetate (EVA) and Silicone, that have been specially designed to meet numerous heat oil … Read more

Silicon Rubber Cable

REVTI offer a range of silicon cable which has excellent electrical properties and high thermal resistance. It permits conductor hotness rating of 150°C for continuous operation and 250°C below emergency overloador short circuit. It preserves circuit continuity even in fire as silicone rubber burns into an insulating ash. It is resistant to moisture, ozone radiation … Read more