Coil Heater

Coil Heater Manufacturer

Revti Electronics Industries believes on quality of heating elements. Our heating products are efficient and less power consuming.

Coil water heaters available in different sizes and wattage which can work in cool atmosphere include void/space, gaseous and fluid absorption conditions and as well it preserves warmness into diminutive gap. Cross section available 3 mm X 3.3 mm & 2.2 X 4 mm & optional built-in Thermocouple for lofty motion hotness measuring (J Type Standard, K type) on request.

Coil heaters have small measurement, lofty performance units, satisfying annealed and freely rounded to a series of options.Moreover, these heaters consist of compressed magnesium oxide, elevated heat resistance cable and chromium nickel steel pipe.

We provide the best solution with bendable PTFE lead cable and can used with or without Thermocouple element. Main part of coil heaters is that Coil heating element which is highly ductile which means that it will allow for free coiling shape with no trouble.