Machining Testing and Calibration
• FEP/PFA Extrusion Line
• Braiding Machine-High Speed and regular
• Rewinding Machine
• Vertical Lapping Machine
• Stranding Machine
• PTFE Extrusion and Tape Roll Down
• Tape Wrapping Machine
• Spark Tester
• Diameter Tester
• Metering Machine
• Packing Machine. 1. Test on Conductor
2. Conductor Resistance Test
3. Test for thickness of Insulation and Sheath
4. Physical test for Insulation and outer Sheath
5. Aging in Air oven
6.Shrinkage test
7. Hot deformation test
8. Heat shock test
9. Thermal Stability Test
10. High Voltage test at room temperature
11. Flammability test
Test & Calibration Traceability certificate is provided with all cables