Immersion Heater

Tubular Immersion Heater finds use in different industry applications including for heating Oil, in Water Chemical Tanks & Oil Filtration Plants, in Electroplating Industry and others.

Providing working as a support for heating liquids present in tanks and containers, these immersion heaters are suitable for meeting the demands of heating liquids like water, oil, heat transfer fluid and corrosive solutions./p>

These heaters are suitable for use in tanks and pressurized vessels and can be provided with working voltage of up to 415 V, Surface Temperatures of max 600 C and available diameters of 7, 8.2, 11 mm.

Tubular Air Heaters Applications:

Plastic Industry, Foundries, Packaging Industry, Engineering Industry, Medical & Laboratory Equipment, Industrial Ovens, Powder Coating Plants, Domestic Appliances, Air Conditioning Systems, Recirculating drying ovens, Forced air duct heating, Duct Heating, Textile Machinery, Corrugating Paper Industry.