Tubular Heater

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Tubular Immersion Heater finds use in different industry applications including for heating Oil, in Water Chemical Tanks & Oil Filtration Plants, in Electroplating Industry and others. Providing working as a support for heating liquids present in tanks and containers, these immersion heaters are suitable for meeting the demands of heating liquids like water, oil, heat transfer fluid and corrosive solutions title=”Tubular Heater manufacturer”.

These heaters are suitable for use in tanks and pressurized vessels and can be provided with working voltage of up to 415 V, Surface Temperatures of max 600 C and available diameters of 7, 8.2, 11 mm.

Tubular Air Heaters Applications:

Plastic Industry,Foundries, Packaging Industry,Engineering Industry, Medical & Laboratory Equipment, Industrial Ovens, Powder Coating Plants, Domestic Appliances, Air Conditioning systems, Recirculating drying ovens, Forced air duct heating, Duct Heating, Textile Machinery, Corrugating Paper Industry.