Braided Shielded Cables


Revti Electronics Industries manufactures multi-core screened (Sheilded / braided) flexible cables used for low noise signal cables and control purposes. These cables are generally confirming to IS : 694 (1990) BS-5308 and are manufactured with flexible copper conductors, PVC insulated, Tinned copper braided / sheilded with overall PVC sheath. These cables are especially developed for defense, Telecommunication and electronic applications. Very feeble signals can be transmitted with least interference.

Revti Electronics Industries manufactures multi-pair/triad instrumentation cables for use inside plants and electrical equipment where there is low frequency. These cables consist of annealed copper conductor drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper, PVC / POLYETHEYLENE / XLPE insulated, individually, or overall sheilded with BOPP & AL MYLAR. Tape, Tinned copper drain wire & overall PVC sheath. Here bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated and developed compounds with high resistance & low capacitance values.


1) Two Core : Red & Black

Three Core : Red, Black & Green

Four Core : Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
2) As per International practice, as also adopted by BIS, the size of conductor is         decided by its resistance only. The construction of conductor is maintained             within requirements of IS : 8130 – 1984 as presented by IS : 694.
3) 1 Pair: White + Blue
4) 2 Pair: White + Blue : White + Orange
5) 4 Pair: White + Blue : White + Orange : White + Green : White + Brown
6) 6 Pair: White + Blue : White + Orange : White + Green : White + Brown : White + Grey : Red + Blue

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