Compensating Cable


Thermocouple extension wire is used to extend the signal from a probe to instrumentation such as
controllers or recording devices. Often times, multi pair thermocouple extension cables are preferred in these applications. Extension wire is designated by an “X” after the ANSI thermocouple type- i.e. BX, EX, JX,KX, SX, TX

Limits of Error in Thermocouple Extension / Compensating Cable

Type of wire Temperature Range Standard Grade
TX (0°C to 100°C) ±1.8 (1)
JX (0°C to 200°C) ±4 (2.2)
EX (0°C to 200°C) ±3.1 (1.7)
KX (0°C to 200°C) ±4 (2.2)
NX (0°C to 200°C) ±4 (2.2)
RX (0°C to 200°C) ±9 (5
SX (0°C to 200°C) ±9 (5
BX (0°C to 200°C) ±6.7 (3.7)

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