Fibreglass Sleeves


We offer a complete solution to the insulating requirements with silicone rubber coated fiber glass sleeves (180 c) & PU COATED (155 C) SLEEVES. Ideal for lead insulation and electrical insulation close to high temperatures like engine compartment, appliances etc, and our products can endure high amount of heat and temperature. The sleeves are available in various colors to make external wiring look more pleasant.

SRG-001 – Fiberglass sleeving Coated with Silicone Elastomer

A specially developed fiberglass sleeving, braided and coated with silicone elastomer and vulcanized for strength, SRG 001 provides excellent dielectric strength, resistance to high temperatures and also possesses very good elasticity and flexibility. SRG 001 is ideal for witting insulation purposes on electrical machinery, appliances, and collected strands of wires, transformers and alternators. It has a wide range of dielectric strength varying from 1.5 KV to 12 KV.

SRG-002 – Silicone Coated Fiberglass sleeving with silicon resin with flame retardant property.

When good dielectric strength, self-extinguishing, softness, flexibility and longer shelf life are specified, SRG-002 is the perfect product, Designed for use in lead wires, bundles and connectors in motors, transformers and heating appliances, SRG-002 silicon coated fiberglass sleeving with silicon resin is ideal for purposes of wiring insulation for H Class electrical machinery, and gives good protection for domestic appliances TV sets, and specially for collected strands of wires. This sleeve does not catch fire has excellent flame retardant property.

Technology index

Voltage-resistance : 1.5, 2.4,7 ,10KV
Temperature-resistance : – 10-+200 C
Flammability : UL VW-1
Off-self time 10s
Sizes available 0.5 mm -100 mm(inner dia)

AG-701 – Fiberglass sleeving Coated with Acrylic resin.

AG-701 is a braided fiberglass sleeving coated with acrylic resin and then thermo set to form F grade insulating sleeving. Apart from good dielectric properties, softness, reliable heat resistance, longer shelf life, AG-701 insulating sleeving provides excellent resistance to oil and benzene, making it ideal for use in hazardous areas.

VG-501 – Fiberglass sleeving Coated with Polyvinyl Chloride Resin.

When a higher dielectric properties and failsafe performance are needed, VG-501 provides the solution. VG-501 is a fiberglass braided sleeving, which is first coated with a layer of polyvinyl chloride resin and then thermo set to provide B grade insulating sleeving. Softness, high dielectric properties, heat resistance and safety are some advantages of VG-501 fiberglass sleeving and it is useful as wiring insulation for Grade B electrical machinery, wireless sets and domestic electric appliances.

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