Fire Survival Cable

Fire Servival Cable

Solid/Stranded (ATC/ABC) Copper conductor, insulated with specially formulated PVC/TPE/XLPE to form a core. Cores laid up together or twisted to form a pair/triad depending upon the individual requirement. Such cores/pairs/triads after laying are coated with special Fire Resistant materials and overall sheathed with special PVC/TPE/LSZH.

Shielding with Braiding/Aluminium Mylar taping will be done overall or individually depending upon the requirement. Armouring provided depending upon requirement with a extruded inner special PVC/TPE sheath, and overall sheath of special PVC/TPE.


• ICE 331/ BS 6387, IEC 60331
• BS 6387 – CAT A,B,C,W,Z
• BS 7846 – CAT F1, F2, F3


• Withstand Flame temperature of 750ºC up to 3 hours without electrical breakdown at rated voltage.
• Does not produce noxious smoke & fumes which hinder fire fighting and endanger life.
• Does not propagate flame. Special properties: Zero Halogen Low Smoke insulation & sheath material supplied on request

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