Heat Tracer Factory Terminated


REVTI FTT are the most robust heat tracers for heating contents of pipelines, storage tanks & accessories in process industries like oil & gas, petrochemical, power, chemicals & fertilizers, metallurgy,cement, pharmacy, food and edible oils.

FTT is an alternate to REVTI CTL, where pipeline lengths and layouts are frozen and hence required lengths of heat tracers could be predetermined.


Revti Electronics Industries FTT is a constant wattage, Series type heat tracers consisting of “Go and Return” multi strand heating elements insulated with PTFE. The entire tracer is Stainless Steel wire braided for mechanical protection and earth continuity. The heating element terminates on cold leads with suitable gland connections. An outer jacket is offered as an option for corrosive atmospheres.


Standards Meets all test requirements of BS-6351 and IEEE515.
Robust REVTI trace FTT is provided with metallic braid to make it mechanically strong. A specially designed hot & cold junction makes it totally full proof.
Chemical Resistant PTFE insulated REVTI trace CTL is inert to all chemicals making it waterproof and weatherproof.
Long Life PTFE has excellent electrical properties, thermal stability, burning resistance and is virtually non- aging and can withstand the high temperature continuously.
Efficient Heat Transfer Flexible and flat configuration enables intimate contact with the surface to be heated, ensuring efficient heat transfer.
Uniform Heat Output REVTI trace FTT generates the same rated heat output all along its length.
Range Available in a wide range of watts per meter.
Easy to install No site terminations & connections to be done and hence no special tools or skill of installer.

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