HR Cable


Power cable for LT usage, suitable for high temperature (400°C) are available in required cross sectioned area and in 2, 3 and 4 core.These cables are used for two voltages electrical power stations, Indoors and Outdoors. High Temperature Cables, Electric Cables offered find application as power cables in plants having high temperature environment where it is not possible to use ordinary PVC cables.

Some of these high temperature areas include near furnaces, boilers, rotary kilns and others. The high temperatures around furnace frequently damage the electrical wiring of motors, control panels that requires replacement of cables at periodic intervals which in turn leads to precious loss of productivity.

Here, the High temperature PTFE insulated H.R. cables H.R. Cables offered by us are made using PTFE insulation that is an insulating material used for high temperatures and has excellent electrical properties with other advantages including inertness to almost all chemicals and does not age as well. All these properties make the insulation suitable to be used in high temperature power cables.

Here, our expertise in high-temperature materials assist customers in selecting right cables for meeting demanding high-temperature needs for control and power applications. With the range of single core and multi-core cables provided for temperatures ranging from-190°C to +1565°C


• Conductor: Annealed Bare and Nickel Plated Copper
• Core Insulation: PTFE with Kapton Laying
• Over All Insulation: Kapton /PTFE /Mica/ Fiber Glass Braiding
• Over All Braiding Stainless Steel or Galvanized Iron
• Color Coding: Core Color – Red, Yellow, Blue for

Phase & Black for Neutral

• Voltage Grade Upto 1.1 KV
• Temperature Range (Ambient Temp.): 700ºC


Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, Boilers, Starter Field Coil, Electric Motors & Mono Block Pumps, Exhaust Fans, Alternators, Halogen Holders, Control Panels, Heaters, Terminals and Lugs, Auto Electric Products, Lighting and Luminaries, Heating Elements, Medical Equipment, Home Appliances Mixer, Water Heater, Oven etc).

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