Insulation Hoses

The manufacture of coated and impregnated insulating hoses for thermal, electrical and mechanical protection has a long tradition at our company. We meet the high quality requirements because our production and quality assurance system are based on the guidelines of DIN ISO 9001. In the automotive sector, it is taken for granted that we have maximum flexibility and are able to adapt to sector specific standards.

Insulating Hose HS8

The insulating hose type HS8 distinguishes itself by high wall thickness and consistent silicon rubber coating.

• Application temperature 260° C / 500° F
• Peak time temperature 1000° C / 1832° F
• Basic material: E-Glass, braided or knitted
• Cover: high performance silicon rubber

Fields of application

Wire, Channel and Cable insulation against high temperature and molten metal splashes.

Special Features

No affection by molten splashes No residue accumulating, even if the surface of the insulating hose is destroyed No burning risk when touching the material High resistance against hydraulic liquids, fuel or grease oil.


• Electric motors and transformers
• Household appliances
• Protected switches
• Cable packaging ,Gas exhaust systems, Mechanical engineering and systems

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