Polymide Cable

Polymide Cable Manufacturer1

Construction :

Polymide Insulated Cable manufactured by Revti Electronics Industries is used as an insulation over the copper conductor. The film is either lapped with 50% to 55% or with 65% to 70% overlap.The type of film used for the manufacture of the conductor consists of 25 micron thick Polymide film with 12 microns of adhesive material (FEP – Fluorocarbon resin) on one side. The adhesive material when heated melts and thus bonds with the copper effectively. The process of induction heating ensures uniform heating of the adhesive material resulting in an Insulation that is free from voids.


• Thickness of insulation is very fine
• Dielectric strength is very high
• High thermal class (220°C)
• Excellent flexibility of heat sealed film, can withstand severe twists and blends
• High reliability
• Resistant to solvents and retains its properties under varied atmospheric conditions.

Most Critical Applications:-

Winding of Traction Motors.

Copper covered with polymide (Kapton) tim tape. The tape is coaled with suitable Adhesive and tapping, the tape is heat sealed to form a continuous and adherent sheathed. Temperature Index : 220°C


As specified in the above mentioned specifications and also conforming toIS: 6160 Standards: Indian standard : IS 11174 and also as per customers’specifications.

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