Silicon Rubber Cable


REVTI offer a range of silicon cable which has excellent electrical properties and high thermal resistance. It permits conductor hotness rating of 150°C for continuous operation and 250°C below emergency overloador short circuit. It preserves circuit continuity even in fire as silicone rubber burns into an insulating ash. It is resistant to moisture, ozone radiation and chemicals and being elastometric in nature, it is bendable which is retained over wide range of temperature (- 55°C to 250°C).


High temperature operation, Excellent electrical properties, Moisture resistant, Long Service Life,
Lightweight, Flexibility over wide range of temperatures, High thermal conductivity, Resistance to ozone and sunlight.


Aircrafts and Missiles, Boiler, Bakeries, Blast Furnaces, Blast Furnaces generator, Coke Ovens, Construction Equipment,Driers, EOT Crane, Electric Furnaces, Extraction Plant, Electrical machinery of Class B, F and H,High temperature metallurgical plants,Material Handling Equipment, Machine tools, Nuclear Power Thermal Stations, Printing Presses, Steel Mills, Ships,Textile Machinery, Turbines.

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