REVTI provides over 35 years of manufacturing, research and product development for your temperature sensing needs. REVTI manufactures a tremendous selection of general application, mineral insulated metal sheathed, base metal, high temperature, surface temperature and multi point thermocouples are available.

Fiberglass insulated thermocouples are capable of temperatures up to 900°F (480°C) for continuous operation. REVTI provides grounded, ungrounded and exposed junctions. REVTI uses a verification process at selected temperature points to products conform to ASTM error limits. Same day delivery of thousands of thermocouple configurations is available.

ANSI Letter Thermocouple Joint Composition Thermocouple Temperature Range EMF
  positive (+) negative (-)    
T Copper Constantan -270°C to +400°C -6.2 to 20.87 mV
E Chromel Constantan -270°C to +1000°C -9.8 to 76.37 mV
J Iron Constantan -210°C to +760°C -8.09 to 69.55 mV
K Chromel Alumel -270°C to +1370°C -6.4 to 54.88 mV
R Pt-13% Rh Platinum -50°C to +1760°C 0.2 to 21.10 mV
B Pt30% Rhodium Pt 6% Rhodium 0°C to + 2000°C 0.0 to 13.82 mV
S Platinum/10% Rhodium Platinum -50°C to +1750°C -0.23 to 18.69 mV
N Nicrosil Nisil -270°C to 1300°C -4.34 to 47.51 mV

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