Unscreened Multicore Cables

Unscreened multicore cable Manufacturer

Revti Electronics Industries makes multicore cables with annealed electrolytic Tinned copper and insulates the cables with high grade PVC compound in different colours. The cores are carefully layed with suitable lays and bunched together in such a manner so as to minimize crosstalk.

The layed cores are also wrapped with high quality polyester tape. The bunched or layed cores are finally sheathed with the FR/PVC.

Revti Electronics Industries unscreened multicore cables are suitable for internal wiring in multi storey complexes, residential buildings, offices, hotels etc. These cables are also recommended for SECURITY SYSTEMS, SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, for high end COMPUTER ASSEMBLIES.


• Connection of computers and media technical units.
• Connection of wireless instruments and technical units.
• Outdoor use and broadcasting.
• For fixed installation across long distance offices, Studios, Commercial Companies, residence societies.
• Mainly for the security systems, computer assemblies.

Features :-

• Safe data transfer due to the high quality insulation P.P.
• Long life expectancy due to the special jacker mixture.
• Length printed on the cable (OPTIONAL).
• Resistant to outdoor temperatures due to special PVC.
• Extremely robust for exterior use.
• Easy to wind & strip to crimp the connectors.
• Excellent flexibility for the moulding.

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